Sunday, December 27, 2009

最有意义的两个星期 Fruitful Experience in Two Weeks







Text by Lee Puay Ling & Huang Bao Xian

Two weeks just flew by and it has indeed been a very fruitful and meaningful experience for all thirteen of us student volunteers from Nanyang Girls’ High School. As part of our education, we are required to fulfil service learning and we chose Concern and Care Society (CCS).

Initially when we came to CCS, we had no idea what to expect. The knowing that CCS is an elderly activity centre made us wary of the generation and communication gap. We were worried we could not be able to relate to the elderly or even communicate well with them. However, just five minutes mingling with them proved us wrong. The elderly were very friendly and cheerful group of people. They welcome us with open arms and make us feel at home. Their warmth melt our wariness and we just open up to them.

The enthusiasm and alertness of these elderly are an eye-opener. We played RUMI-O game with them and joined them in other activities. We enjoyed every single activity from morning exercise, reading the news, to helping out in the Body and Mind Renewal Exercises. We also organised games such as “Bowling”, “Guess What Is In The Bag?” and “Pin The Man’s Facial Features” for the elderly which they thoroughly enjoyed. Every single minute spent with the elderly and seeing the smile and hearing their laughter brought much joy to us.

During the Body & Mind Renewal Exercises, we were extremely touched to see some of the elderly who suffers from some form of disability preserve throughout the whole exercise programme. Imagine trying to lift up a very weak hand to throw hula-hoop is not an easy task especially for the elderly. Yet they preserved on without giving up. That in itself alone shows us the value of perseverance and to have a strong determination and will-power to move on regardless of the challenges we are facing.

At the end of our two weeks, we felt it has been a very meaningful learning experience for us, something we may not have gained if we had not come to CCS. We also learn to treasure our grandparents and understand that just because they are not voicing out to us does not mean they are happy being alone and cope up at home. We first step into CCS with a set mind that elderly people are grouchy, uncooperative and difficult to be with. However, today we step out of CCS with an open-mind. An open-mind that elderly are wonderful and fun people to be with and also the wealth of experience they have to share with us.

In conclusion, we learn to be optimistic, always thinking on the bright side of life and knowing life can be meaningful.

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