Wednesday, December 9, 2009

傳神「乐龄单车家族」正式成立 Cycle Towards A Healthier You

新加坡第一支乐龄单车队——「乐龄单车家族」于上个月28日正式成立。单车队除了鼓励老、青、少年多做运动之外,也借此机会让多年隔膜的祖孙与父子情打破家庭代沟,一起骑着铁马迎向 “绿色之路”!




On Saturday - 28 November 2009, Concern & Care Society (CCS) witnessed the launch of its first ever team of elderly cyclists who call themselves “Cycling Club Superstar”.

This is an initiative to promote bonding and active lifestyle between the older generation and their family members.

A fun-filled day was organised to encourage more residents, young and old to join the cycling club. Residents were invited to test ride 2010 bikes. There were bike trial demo and displays of different types of bikes.

The open house gave residents the opportunity to ask questions about the cycling club and educate them about their health and lifestyle. But the club is not just for the older folks.

President of CCS, Madam Margaret Wee Bee Hoon, BBM said, “The young should also not miss the opportunity to participate in a fun activity such as this (cycling). We believe the athletic child is less likely to get involved with crime and by participating in cycling, the young learn to achieve goal and the pursuit of excellence.”

Residents and visitors to the Open House were also treated to a visual art gallery and workshop, thanks to the students of Nanyang Girls’ High School who contributed their creative art pieces.

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