Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Experience in Concern and Care Society

By Teh

I am from the Bukit Batok Hostel, run by Pertapis. As part of a Community Service Order, I was assigned by MCYS to Concern and Care Society for three weeks.

On my first day there, I was given a blank note book and asked to draw columns on all of 304 pages. It was very boring. After that, for the period I was there, I helped with cleaning – washing floors, toilets, wiping tables and doing the dishes.

It was very tedious work. However, during the time I was there, I had the opportunity to interact with the elderly whom the Society serves. By playing Rummy-O games with them and talking to them, I found that the elderly do have very alert minds and are very friendly (contrary to what I had believed) . They are also a happy and active lot, and they really appreciate what the Society does for them by providing a place where they can mingle, and by organising various activities.

I have now come to understand what volunteerism is all about, and more importantly, I have learned to understand and admire the elderly, where age, to them, is no barrier to enjoying life.

I wish to thank all the staff of CCS who have helped and guided me throughout these few weeks. They do not let my past hinder them from treating me as an equal, and from giving me valuable advice.

Best wishes for 2010. May the New Year and all the following years bring happiness and peace to all.

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