Wednesday, December 16, 2009

阿公阿嫲当义工 When Old is Gold

高 龄82岁的老先生振兴和77岁的老太太凤过三年前加入傳神居家照顾协会当义工,经过了六个月的 [ 乐龄音乐教室 ] 训练后,如今每个星期五都会走出家门,到武吉巴督来协助访视弱势长者。阿公说“我们平时很少走出家门,虽然如此,在家里我们心里总会惦记着星期五这一天, 因为这一天我们有一个责任,有一件有意义的事要做,那就是和老人谈天。”

说起三年来的访视经历,两人更是兴致勃勃。 “我们见过超过一百岁仍然健康的老人,也访视过比我们年轻的朋友。我们也是老年人,对于老人所面对的问题和心态非常熟悉,比如我们有时会比较啰嗦、担心 等,但我们心里明白老人的处境,所以不介意付出更多耐心来与老人沟通。”阿公继续说。

有些人对于阿公阿嫲年龄这么大了还当义工,实在百思 不得其解。对此阿嫲说道:“朋友有时候夸奖我们厉害,不过有些人却觉得当义工很委屈,怕别人看不起或怕接触老人家。事实上能出来走走、多活动不但能磨炼头 脑,延迟衰老,还可以从其他老人的身上学习,和他们交朋友,那是一件美事。”


Three years has passed since 82 years old Ching Hing and his 77 years old wife, Hong Ker fully completed the six-month training of CCS “Music Academy for the Elderly”. They are walking proof of age not being an issue or hindrance to voluntary work. Being senior citizens themselves, this loving couple continues to do their bit to spend time with the less fortunate older folks.

“We always look forward to Fridays because every time it is a different experience for us. We are eager and excited to talk to the folks we visit and keep them company.” said Grandpa Ching Hing as he is commonly known.

With enthusiasm, Grandpa Ching Hing who has been volunteering with his wife known lovingly as Grandma Hong Ker shared, "We’ve met a woman who is more than 100 years of age and a bunch of young friends during home visit. That is inspiring to us. Since we are senior citizens ourselves, we have a greater understanding for the old folks and we know how to communicate with them better.”

Many people are impressed by these loving couple who share a part of their daily life contributing to community through voluntary work.

"Not everyone is willing to be a volunteer, especially at our age. It can be challenging so I guess we inspire the younger people, which is great. Volunteering keeps us occupied and away from negative feelings such as loneliness because we actually feel grateful every time we volunteer. It also makes us socially active and happy as we are always surrounded with people with positive energy,” said Grandpa Ching Hing.

At the same time, volunteering has also helped the couple to grow closer to each other. They now feel a sense of renewed love and appreciation.

Grandpa advised, "Patience and understanding is a virtue in life, especially in a marriage. A couple should spend time participating in meaningful activities like volunteering to appreciate each other better.”

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