Wednesday, December 9, 2009

活到老 “写”到老! Lifelong Learning of Chinese Calligraphy

文 / 谢翠珊







1. 走出家门,参与健康的休闲的活动。
2. 陶冶身心。
3. 训练笔墨功夫,培养书写文采。
4. 帮助长者排除杂念、凝神静思。

Learning Chinese calligraphy cultivates interest, patience and moral qualities. Calligraphy is an abstract art and is suitable for everyone. Even one who does not know Chinese can appreciate its beauty. If you are interested in learning Chinese culture and calligraphy, you are welcome to join Concern & Care Society’s calligraphy class.

A retired teacher, Mr James Ming uses his leisure time to offer his services, guiding the elderly into the world of calligraphy. He said, “Elderly are encouraged to spend an hour a week in calligraphy; it helps to train brainpower and concentration. It is also a very good leisure activity.”

He emphasized, “In calligraphy, cultivation of the mind is more important than perfection of form. I do not have high demands. I guide the elderly to write aesthetic calligraphy.” Here, students have the opportunity to learn different styles of Chinese scripts, including the regular script (kaishu), the clerical script (lishu) and many more. In the class, they sit upright and practice calligraphy according to the model character. They benefited much from the learning process.

The calligraphy class started two years ago and attracted elderly who loves Chinese calligraphy. Concern & Care Society provides brushes and Chinese ink free of charge to all residents in Singapore.

Subtitle: More Than 500 People Writing Calligraphy Together

Organised by Bukit Timah Club, the calligraphy event attracted more than 500 people. Together with 30 calligraphy lovers from Concern & Care Society, they wrote
the Chinese characters for “good fortune” at the same time. This is an enjoyable programme and shows that writing calligraphy can also be done outdoor. It widens one’s perspective and social circle.

The benefits of learning calligraphy for the elderly are as follows:

1. Encourage social interaction.
2. Cultivate physical and mental discipline.
3. Develop literary skills.
4. Enhance concentration.

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