Wednesday, December 9, 2009

做早操 笑一笑!Exercise that Brings a Smile to Your Face

新加坡的老年人口逐渐增加,老年人因为活动量减少,身体机能快速退化,因此健康容易走下坡。傳神因此设计了音乐氧生操(Music Therapy Exercise),专门针对高龄退化问题设计的一套音乐治疗运动。

音乐氧生操(Music Therapy Exercise)结合了脉穴调息与怀旧曲调,以及西方舞蹈精华与敲击张力,让早晨刚苏醒的老人透过此运动唤醒全身经脉,使身体血液更加循环。






Singapore is experiencing an increase in elderly population. Lack of exercise is found to be the major cause that leads to bodily weakness and rapid degradation of bodily functions among the elderly. To solve this problem, Concern & Care Society has designed a music therapy which provides an enjoyable atmosphere during exercise.

Music Therapy Exercise is a type of meridian exercise. Together with some selected old songs and classical music, this exercise helps to increase brainpower in the morning.

Yue Hua is one of the trained leaders who run this exercise for over four years. She strongly feels that this exercise benefits her health and often introduces other residents to exercises that are fun. She explained, “Exercise is essential for healthy elderly. Elderly who exercise every morning looks so much different if we compare them with elderly who only stay at home and do nothing.”

Music Therapy Exercise effectively enhances concentration and brain functions of elderly through finger exercise, shoulder gyration, knee rotation and coordination of other parts of the body. “At the same time, the music can easily be incorporated into every stretching movement. We enjoy listening to the music because it lightens our mood while doing simple movements. I like to tell jokes to our elderly. Together with other exercise leaders, we always start the morning with a good laugh.” Yue Hua added.

This is a safe and simple exercise. “Leading residents to exercise will benefit them and myself. Why should I be unhappy?” Yue Hua said with a smile.

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