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Home Help Service
Client: Wam Ah Yong

Mdm Wam Ah Yong was excited after she knew we would pay her a personal visit in this bright afternoon. She could not walk well and yet welcomed us with her open arms. “Everyone from CCS (Concern & Care Society) is very friendly. I am now used to take Friday as “A Day of CCS”, it is because this is the day volunteers will knock my door and share their good time with me.” said aunty Ah Yong.

Aunty Ah Yong is at her aged at 64. She has been gone through several complicated operation, which caused limping on both legs and she usually needs a shoe lift to support a normal life. Always put a smile on her face. Ah Yong slowly told us her story. She cried when she is depressed, she quickly turned into a happy mood whatever she thought of pleasant memories in the past. Even though life is tough, she still lives with her fullest spirit.

“I was a simple person at my younger age, but I see disease as an important issue. I went to the doctors myself every time I faced health problems.” She told the doctor “If you found any problematic parts from my body, please take them away.” From her sharing, we see aunty Ah Yong’s courage always let the human admire.

Within the recovery period at home after a major operation, she heard a knock on the door and it was CCS’s volunteers. It was the first time I heard their voices; she continued, “I opened the door and happily interacted with them. Very soon, I felt comfortable talking with them in the following weeks, until now.”

“I like CCS and joined most of the activities from the year of 2005. It greatly inspired my life and I hope I could buy a motorized wheelchair soon, so that I can walk myself to the NL everyday without depending on others.”

Other than showing sincere appreciation, aunty Ah Yong hopes she can join us as volunteers, helping less privileges elderly to step out from their difficult situation and start a new life!

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