Wednesday, December 9, 2009

不离弃家庭与社会 长者快乐学习而忘龄 Get Active!


见过一些阿公阿嫲年老时还学习电脑知识,拥有自己的部落格吗? 或者积极学习英文、书法、舞蹈等,快乐学习的老人吗?最近傳神居家照顾协会为了鼓励乐龄人士学习,每逢早上时分都会召集一群高龄长者一起谈论当日新闻,借此让老人与世界时事接轨,这样长者回到家中能与家人更常沟通。




*只提供于60岁以上的年长者 间隔星期一

获得免费饮料一杯 每星期一至星期五

Being a senior citizen, we face the inevitable process of losing loved ones. Having to go through this difficult experience alone is by no means an easy process. Slowly loneliness takes over follow by negative thoughts, and depressions. We need to get out of this cycle. Let’s learn a new skill and become an active learner instead of being lonely and coped up in the house. After all, LIFE begins at 60!

No boundaries in learning
Picking up new skills at old age can enrich and give new meaning to the lives of senior citizens. In order to develop a more positive attitude towards life, Concern & Care Society is organising an “Elderly Focus Group” (see below for details) to get senior citizens involve in many leisure activities such as dancing, arts & craft as well as memory training. Group discussions will also be held so senior citizens remain opinionated, active and aware of new things.

At the same time, there will be opportunities to make new friends and expand their social circle. As Concern & Care society aims to advocate the spirit of lifelong learning, the organisation is also conducting a “News Listening Session” (see below for details) to gather senior citizens together to discuss about the news. The session, which is will be conducted by a group of volunteers, will cover local and international news as well as other current topics of interest. The main objective of this news sharing session is to encourage senior citizens to be more knowledgeable so they can communicate better with loved ones.

Bonding with the young

Senior citizens may have a wealth of life experiences but they should also take the effort to know the latest happenings around the world. They can then use it to their advantage when communicating with their younger loved ones. Instead of talking about the same topics over and over again, impress the new generation with the array of knowledge from the News Listening Session and start bonding!

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