Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rolling off a New Chapter from Singapore - Day 4 of 6

Day 4: Melaka to Seremban on 17 May (90km)

Weather was kinder yesterday... "cooling throughout the day"... according to Tina, I think it's a superlative term, it's comparatively much cooler than the previous 3 days :D

Like in the previous days, I appreciated the work done by the escorts - the policemen and the Ronda Riadah cyclists. The big police truck that ferried our bicycles for cyclists who were tired and needed a rest. The policement and volunteers helped to load the bikes up and down as and when necessary.

Police car, motorbikes and MPV helped to 'open the way' for the cyclists, and they also stopped the traffic at junctions so that all cyclists and support vehicles can cross safely. It's really a lot of hard work and 'dangerous' for the police on motorbike who had to stop his bike, get down from it stop the traffic at each traffic junction. Hip hip hurray to the heroes!

We visited a Primary school, Sekolah Kembangsaan Melakah... the kids there are different from those we see in Singapore... they are so excited to see us and are so loving and obedient. All the kids and staff joined in the dance as the cyclists and supporters performed... you can see the light sparkling in their eyes as they watched with awe when the cyclists arrive in their bikes.

... to be continued

SK reporting from Seri Malaysia Hotel in Seremban

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