Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rolling off a New Chapter from Singapore - Day 2 of 6

Day 2 Pontian to Batu Pahat (75km)

We stayed in The Katerina Hotel
Was too tired to report on 15 May 12, Tuesday.

My memory is short, I'll try to recollect what happened on Tue... overall, the trip continued to be safe and good. Thanks to the 'ONE' who made it this way :D

We were greeted by some people along the way, they waved and encouraged the cyclists.
Our trip was reported on several newspaper and when I tried to buy copies for the team from a small shop, the owner said he read the paper and heard about us. I said I wanted 40 copies of the papers, it only had 10 and he even "gave up" the copy he was reading to me! haha :D

Along the way, we also topped up mineral water, ice and bananas. Had our lunch at one of the coffee shops we found... the owners were very happy as we boosted their economy :D The lady owner at the coffeeshop thanked me and said that business was bad for the day and we helped :D

The cyclists continued to be "steady poon pee pee"... and to encourage them, I opened my "golden voicebox" and sang to them as the recovery vehicle I'm in passed them... I noticed that each time I sang to them, they became energised and rode faster but someone in the vehicle observed that they sped ahead... to escape from my singing... hahaha! :D Well, looking at it positively, they moved faster :D

The Sultan of Johor stayed with us!... in the same hotel...
The manager whom we met during our recce trip resigned and there seemed to be some miscommunication and we nearly had problem with parking the bikes in a room that is safe. Thanks the the Security Chief, he helped.

Breakfast on Wed at the hotel was good :D

It rained in the night and thank god it stopped before dawn and the road is dry by the time we were setting off :D
SK 'reporting' from Melaka on Wed

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