Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cycling Club Superstar Recce Trip from Singapore to Putrajaya

3 Recce trips were made, one on 16-17 Apr and a 2nd one on 6 May 12.

The first one (on 2 cars) was to go through the route, look at the hotels and also to meet some people in M'sia. We stayed overnight at Joan's condo in Melaka. Malcolm, Thomas, Henry, Benny, Joan, Teck Sing, Ah Zhen,  Annie and TSK were on the trip.

The second one (by bus to Seremban then between Seremban and Putrajaya on bicycle).
Henry and Benny took 2 bikes, travel on a bus from Singapore to Seremban, and then cycle to Putrajaya to 'test and confirm' the route. This was done before the second recce. They were quite lost and when they reached the Hotel Putrajaya, it was quite late in the evening. They had wanted to stay overnight there initially but the hotel looks expensive and they decided to return home the same day. They were very grateful when they met a 'samaritan' who helped them fetch them and the bikes to a nearby station where they took a train/coach back to Singapore. According to Henry, their mobile phone battery were very low. He only had the chance to sms his family to say that they will be back by morning!

The third one (on car) was more to confirm the route and take note of possible lunch points. Henry, Benny and TSK were on this trip.

As can be seen from the photos below, it was not an easy feat even though we were travelling by car (ie not bicycles)... lost our way a few times.

Photos taken during the Recce trips on 16/17 Apr and 6 May 12

01 Hotel Pontian Function room

03 Hotel Pontian outside the lobby
04 Hotel Pontian seaview

05 Pontian Sri Santaville Nursing Home

07 Pontian Orphanage PKAYI

Road Conditions
10 Pontian-Batu Pahat road with gravel, border, etc

14 Batu Pahat Katerina Hotel

16 Batu Pahat San Chun Nursing Home

17 Batu Pahat Orphanage PKAYI
19 Batu Pahat-Melaka: Road Sign to Rantau n Seremban
24 Seremban: Parking Meter
26 Seremban Star Hotel
27 Seremban breakfast next to Star Hotel

30 Seremban-Putrajaya in car - figuring how to get to our next destination

38 Seremban-Putrajaya Road Sign to Rembau n K Pilah lost our way

42 Seremban-Putrajaya Road Sign Tampin
43 Seremban-Putrajaya Road Sign Rembau n Tampin

44 Seremban-Putrajaya Road Sign Seremban

50 Seremban-Putrajaya Road Sign Tampin IMPORTANT - this is a very important sign to look out for on when to turn
51 Seremban-Putrajaya Road Sign NOT to follow to Bandar Alor Gajah

53 Seremban-Putrajaya Turn twd Tampin

54 Seremban-Putrajaya After turn twd Tampin

57 Melaka Pak Putra - Serves nice Tandoori Chicken

60 Mlk Recce Team: Joan, Henry, TSK, Malcolm, Thomas
61 Melaka Recce Team: Ah Zhen, Annie, Joan, Henry, TSK, Malcolm, Thomas
62 Melaka Recce Team: Henry, Thomas, Benny, Joan, TSK, Annie, Malcolm