Friday, June 15, 2012

Rollinig off a New Chapter from Singapore: Day 5&6 of 6

Day 5: Seremban to Putrajaya - 18 May 12

Time flies, trying to catchup in completing the journal on this trip... Managed to report almost 'live' from Malaysia for Day 1 to Day 4... and missed out Day 5 & 6... and now I'm back in Singapore for almost 1 month already!

Will have to try to recollect the event...
Day 5 was as exciting and eventful as the days before. As there were quite a bit of changes to the route, we were not sure of our lunch point. As practised in the earlier 2 days, the recovery vehicle went ahead of the rest around 11plus to search for a lunch point. However, this time round, we were not as fortunate. The next lunch point was way too far for the cyclists to reach (about 20km from the point we left them!).

We contacted Mimi who was on the coach and Mimi in turn communicated with the cycling team via the talkie, and we agreed that the recovery vehicle team would pack lunch, then back track and bring the lunch to all. Meanwhile, the cyclists and supporters were resting near some durian stalls, and some of them enjoyed the King of Fruits.

As we were packing halfway, we received a call to say that there was a change in plan. Everyone would board the coach (with bikes moved up the police truck) and proceed to a nearby restaurant/coffeeshop to have a proper meal. The coach took another route to the coffeeshop at Dengkil. We quickly cut our order and fortunately, the stall owner had packed only 5 boxes of lunch. We then quickly sped to meet the rest. We made a couple of wrong turns but finally managed to find the group.

After lunch, Joan said that she and her helpers need to go back. The recovery vehicle then called it a day and we travelled on coach to Putrajaya.

The weather was scorching hot, but thankfully, not rainy! :D

We arrived Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside in the early afternoon. There, a few reporters interviewed a few elderly cyclists and CEO.

After a short rest, the cyclists proceeded to join the cycling in Putrajaya with Perbadanan Putrajaya.
The manmade lake scenery is really breath-taking! It was built over 6months! Thank you to the team at Perbadanan Putrajaya and Mr Noor Azhar Bin Zainal for making the arrangement!

Day 6: Putrajaya to Singapore - 19 May 12

The team proceeded to the KLCC at Kuala Lumpur on Day 6 on coach. We took group photos against the iconic twin towers (Petronas Towers) and popped champagne outside the KLCC.

After that, we proceeded to have lunch in a restaurant along our way back to Singapore. There, we presented the Certificate of Completion to the cyclists. We also presented a Certificate of Appreciation to the Ronda Riadah team.

We also collected the newspaper that Joan bought for us near the CIQ... yes, the ones that reported about our event, 新洲日报, 中国报,南洋商报 and we distributed to every member.

Upon reaching CIQ, the bicycles were transferred from the police truck to another coach.

We want to specially thank Ronda Riadah (police and community) team and the JB Police for the support that they have given us for the trip. They are all really awesome and without their help, it would be a very tough and possibly dangerous expedition for us! Ronda Riadah is a cycling club in JB which comprises about 50% of police officers and 50% of community riders. They do patrolling in the community to ensure that the JB is safe to live in, and that explains why the crime rate has decreased!

We would also like to thank Mr Malcolm Chen for the project co-ordination for this event. He got help from Ronda Riadah and the JB Police and also ironed out many of the teething problems along the way.

It was really great that everyone arrived safely home :D

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