Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rolling off a New Chapter from Singapore - Day 1 of 6

Day 1: 15 May 12 - CCS Bukit Batok to Pontian (76km)

Greetings from Pontian, selamat pagi! :D Woke up cos it was too cold with aircond and too warm after turning that off, hence decided to find out from hotel staff on how to access the wifi here ;)

Just to share, we have a group of 23 cyclists, 9 from Taiwan and 14 from Sg and about 21 supporters (some join for some days). We are at Pontian now, going Batu Pahat, Melaka, Seremban and Putrajaya and then to KL by coach on 19 May (Sat) and CEO and Mimi are with us too :D

A bit of hiccups in the morning (1 cyclist left her passport with a supporter on the coach, 2 vomited between the 2 customs), but overall, the operation was relatively smooth albeit a little tiring for some. We had support from Ronda Riadah Club (a cycling club in JB) and JB police, escorting the team for the whole journey with MPV, a van, a big truck and several cyclists! They are excellent.

We visited an Islamic orphanage in Pontian in theafternoon. The session was awesome. The kids were joyfully dancing with our elderly cyclists and supporters! We even had live phone audio broadcast to the staff in the office for them to feel the atmosphere :D

Maybe it's because of the hot weather, there are people who are 'hot' here too. I'm usually hot tempered, but thanks to Faith who had kept encouraging, reminding, ‘nagging’ me to keep my cool and yes, I did it for Day1, haha, it’s a wonderful experience… I’ll be a ‘saint’ if I can stay this way throughout the 6 days since it's summer time here in Malaysia ;), hahaha :D

Counting the blessings, everyone is putting in their heart and soul to make the trip a smooth and safe one :D

Thanks to all who helped, supported and prayed for the team! Gonna rest now for the day ahead :D

Best regards,
Siew Kheng, ‘reporting’ from Hotel Pontian :D

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