Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rolling off a New Chapter from Singapore - Day 3 of 6

Day 3: Batu Pahat to Melaka on 16 May (115km)
It's a long long trip... about 120km (not from Sg, but from our set off point in Batu Pahat! Weather was as scotching but it's better than if it were rainy :D

One police cyclist fell twice

The team spirit continued to be high. The supporters topped up drinks and bananas and distributed meusli bars to the riders. And to add icing to the cake, we massaged the cyclists and prepared icy cold towels for them... the latter were grateful and encouraged!

Joan, our JB volunteer prepared dinner for us in her apartment next to the hotel we put up at... she even specially installed an additional aircon so that we could eat comfortably at her place! The food was super nutricious and delicious... fish maw with so much gelatin, 猪脚醋, steamed fish, kampung chicken, potato, vege ... I advised her to prepare 4 chickens but there were so much other food, we couldn't finish them :( Felt sorry for Joan and her helpers who worked so hard for us. We did not forget our Ronda Riadah and police friends, Joan had helped to order halal food which included satay and others and I heard the food were delicious too :D
The team split up in 2 (not because we quarreled)... half the team went on the coach and proceeded to Melaka directly... to rest and relax with shopping therapy. The other half of the team continued, hoping to achieve their dream to cover as much distance as they could :D Both groups were happy :D
Another tiring but fulfilling day :D

SK reporting from Hotel Pantai Puteri

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