Thursday, June 9, 2011

Visit to Brighthill Evergreen Home & Orange Valley Nursing Home 探访光明山修身院以及柑谷私人疗养院,5月21日(星期六)



History seems to repeat itself. It was another rainy day. The rain was even longer than the last time, mercilessly beating down on us, making it difficult to cycle. So this time, there was no choice but to stop and wait until the rain eased up enough for us to continue cycling safely, slowing our pace due to wet roads.
There was again, a reason for us to continue cycling; our destination was another old folks’ home Brighthill Evergreen Home in Bukit Panjang and Orange Valley Nursing Home in Clementi. Fifteen of us managed to complete the 30 km trip.

At the Home, we interacted with the elderly residents through simple exercises and dances. Everyone had a good time. The residents were grateful and cheered up by our visit, and we in turn, felt motivated to continue our aim of visiting 100 Homes within 3 years, reaching out and touching lives!