Monday, July 5, 2010

数字排列比赛 动脑筋赢欢乐 Games for the Elderly




Games for the Elderly

The Rummy-O game is a popular table game in our centres. Residents often gather to play this game with great interest and zeal.

It is a simple game where you arrange numbered tiles in groups of three or more on the table, either in running numbers or same numbers. Many of the residents, both young and old, enjoy the game as it challenges their minds.

On 14 June (Monday), a Rummy-O competition was organised at Concern & Care Bukit Batok Neighbourhood Link to encourage more people to participate in social activities and learn more about the game. Though it seems simple, this game can be quite challenging, as there are a variety of strategies to play this game.

The three residents who won the competition brought home attractive prizes and the rest of the participants received a door gift each. All participants thoroughly enjoyed the game.

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