Monday, July 5, 2010

我们参加了武吉知马五十五周年庆典 Bukit Timah 55th Anniversary Celebration: Hand in Hand




“这是一个难得的经验。,让我能参加这样的盛会,与大家在一起,感到非常有意义。这也是一个机会,让我们好好表达爱国精神。” 傳神义工陈月美女士说。


Bukit Timah 55th Anniversary Celebration: Hand in Hand

About 10,000 residents and volunteers from various organisations participated in the Bukit Timah 55th Anniversary Celebration on 19 June (Saturday), where the guest-of-honour was our Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong.

About 1,500 volunteers had worked tirelessly over three months in preparation for this event and 30 of them were from Concern & Care Society. Our task was to perform a Samba dance item together with volunteers from Bukit Timah Community Club’s Women Executive Committee, Buona Vista Community Club and Ulu Pandan Community Club.

“It was a great and meaningful experience to be able to take part in such a grand event that brought people together. It was also an opportunity for us to express our patriotism towards our home and country.” said Mdm Chan Yoot Mei, one of CCS’ volunteer.

Other performances included Mass Sing Along, Cha Cha and Hip Hop dances and Red & White Team Competition etc.

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