Sunday, February 21, 2010

走出孤独 才有希望 A Journey to Remember






A Journey to Remember

Wow!!! What a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. That’s how the cyclists of CCS Cycling Superstar felt after completing the 20 kilometres cycling expedition on 31 January 2010 early morning.

This activity encourages many elderly to step out of their comfort zone and cycle together with the CCS Cycling Superstar cyclists. Indeed it was very courageous of them to take this challenge as for some, 20 kilometres cycling is not an easy feat. Yet they completed it with a big smile and also a knowledge that being mentally and physically fit at all times is highly important.

As they cycled along the route, they enjoyed the morning breeze and the beautiful scenery along the way. They encouraged one another to press on during the journey and challenged each other to reach the finishing line. Pedestrians seem surprised seeing this group of old folks cycling happily under the morning sun. They screamed words of encouragement to them and cheered them on, “You are doing great!”

End of the day, the cyclists learnt about teamwork and made new friends.

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