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Nature Park Health Walk

A beautiful Saturday morning awaken us to carry our light backpacks and gear up for a walk at Bukit Batok Nature Park. Fifteenth of us, friends of the Brisk Walking Club participated in this simple walk along the nature trail.

Bukit Batok Nature Park was the chosen venue as there are many century old trees towering the park offering a nice canopy over our head. There are also sheltered pavilions and well-equipped fitness corners for those who do not want to walk the trail.

As we set off on the trail, we noticed the different plants, trees and an occasion sighting of squirrels jumping up trees. There are monkeys in the depths of the forest. As we continued on our peaceful walk, we can hear the delightful chirping of birds echoing around us. Indeed the serene feeling for all of us on this morning was very captivating and we were simply captivated by the beauty of nature. It motivated us to take out our cameras and capture as many photos as we possible could.

We completed our walk in two hours. None of us were tired at all. Instead we felt rejuvenated. Throughout the two hours, we encourage each other to complete the trail.

Our English tutor, Mr Choa said with a cheerful grin, "It is really fun and enjoyable. I will definitely take part in the next walking activity.” Eighty years old Xia said, “Brisk walking for two to three hours a day is not a problem for me. I always walk in the mornings. It is good exercise.”

Brisk Walking is a healthy form of exercise. Medical evidence confirms walking improve our cardiovascular system and our coordination.

Concern & Care Society conducts regular morning nature walks through nature parks, or along the scenic routes of various reservoirs.

Anyone interested to join us and make walking a fun and joyful hobby, give us a call today at 6560-5455.

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