Sunday, February 21, 2010

听新闻 长知识 Sharing the Joy


70岁的Jafaat伯伯就是其中一位受惠的居民。他和太太(Kak Sampah)也是傳神居家照顾协会每个星期五都会访视的个案,如今他不只在家期待义工们的探访,早上还会主动走到邻里中心来听新闻。Jafaat虽然是马来人,但能说上几句简单的华语和方言,因此更容易与其他居民熟络起来。

他的出现为邻里中心带来无限欢乐。 Jafaat伯伯说:“我和太太步入退休生活已久。平时我们会看顾孙子、做家务等,偶尔闲空时我们就会到邻里中心去听新闻、喝咖啡或和朋友聊天,因此朋友群中也有不少华裔同胞。”

Jafaat伯伯其中一位好朋友- 侯大哥也是中心里一位活跃的年长者。侯大哥是《轻松听新闻》的读报义工之一,83岁的他还精神奕奕的一面讲新闻一面说笑,还能讲几种方言和唱歌。侯大哥表示:“有时在居民们的要求下,我也唱一两首老歌,他们都拍手叫好。”

邻里中心是交友的好地方。Kak Sampah 笑说:“邻里中心给我们的感觉越来越亲切。这几年来,传神居家照顾协会的义工们都会时常登门拜访我们两老,我们感到很满足。”

Sharing the Joy

As the clock strikes ten every morning, a group of elderly folks would gather together at our Corner Coffee enjoying a cup of piping hot drink. You can easily catch snips of conversation amidst laughter among the elderly folks as they wait eagerly for their daily news listening session to begin.

Volunteers of Concern & Care Society (CCS) hold a daily news listening session for the elderly folks. Yes, these folks may be elderly but they come with such enthusiasm.

Uncle Jafaat, aged 70, has been enjoying such sessions with his wife, Aunty Sampah. Aunty Sampah is one of CCS’s home visit clients. Both of them love and enjoy the activities organised by CCS. They are always on the lookout for updates from the centre. Uncle Jafaat enjoys making new friends. He understands simple Chinese dialects which enables him to mingle with other members easily.

He said, “My wife and I have reached our retirement age. And we usually look after our grandchildren, do household chores, and so forth. Occasionally when time permits, we would join CCS activities and chit chat with our friends.”

One of Uncle Jafaat’s good friends is Uncle How. Uncle How is a volunteer with CCS. Aged 83, he is very active and is one of the volunteers who share the news in our news listening session. As he speaks several dialects and is keen in singing, Uncle How always gets requests from the residents to sing them oldies.

Uncle How said with a laugh, “I am always happy to sing to them, and I love it when they applaud and enjoy themselves.”

Aunty Sampah feels very grateful to CCS and she shared, “The people in Concern & Care Bukit Batok Neighbourhood Link are very approachable and nice to the elderly. We are very grateful and appreciative of the volunteers’ friendship.”

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