Monday, June 14, 2010

让艺术治疗您的心理问题 A Lesson of ‘Art Therapy’





A Lesson of ‘Art Therapy’
Today’s lessons, the instructor helped us to recall, recover our long-lost image of childhood.

Each was given a sheet of paper, and followed the instruction to draw his own. He passed it on to other partners who sat in a circle to continue to draw on it. Some drew a full moon; next one added a few stars. Some drew a shining hot sun in the blue stars. His partner added a flight of birds, grass field, some insects if you like. Later, you might draw an old house, and your friend helped to add two persons staying in it. All the pictures look nice. It might be imaginative as a heavenly steed soaring across the sky.

Well, most of us were acting like an old fogey. When the original piece that we drew earlier came back to our own hands, wow! It had changed a lot, although, no focus, quite disorderly, but it still presented something. It was fascinating and funny. No matter how it looked like, good or bad, but all of us really enjoyed doing it. We all have enjoyed this drawing lesson vicariously like back to childhood innocence.

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